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B&M are pleased to announce the introduction of the StackMaster flipper. It reduces frequency of stacking faults and increases production by up to 25%

Are you frustrated... with the downtime and stoppages caused by faults with the end of line stacking unit for your thermoformed products? Finally an effective solution exists to reduce the frequency and effect of such problems – substantially saving you time, money and the unwanted headache caused by stoppages.

1) The STACKMaster will catch trays in the
stacking process at high speed!
(up to 40 CPM A-B-C)

2) It has a larger land for increased stability

3) Improved slide from A to B (no transition)

4) Complete product protection inside the plate

5) Hygienic and effi cient solution for stacking

6) Anodised components for extended life

Note flippers are sold individually by the metre. We also sell an end-of-line stacking unit kit which incorporates the Flipper unit. Please ask for details. Note Patent Application No. GB0817016.9.

If you are interested in benefi tting from the STACKMaster Flipper OR the STACKMaster Kit
then please call B&M Associates for more details

PHONE 01278 446697 for more details,
or to place an order email:

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